Wednesday, May 31, 2017


The confirmation of the Presidents nominee for the Tano South District Mr Collies Offinam Takyi as the District Chief has now been finalised with the assembly members voting to confirming his nomination after two elections and one postponement in the first bid of the conformation which, Mr. Offinam could not obtain the 2/3 majority as he secured 28 votes out of the 56 assembly members with 27 votes against.

                                                   Hon. Assembly Members and Dignitaries at voting section
This trend of affair made the elections to be postponed for a week but that also could not come off on the scheduled day as the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister in a speech on that day called for the postponement of the elections due to some security threat and was reschedule for the next day after three government appointees have been sworn in to replace some other three who were withdrawned.
The next day saw another election to be conducted by the electoral commission and the Presiding member of the assembly Hon. John Dadzi in a speech called on the members to put partisan politics aside of the elections and think of the general development of the District after which the Regional representative of the Electoral commission also spelt out the modalities of the elections.
The Presiding Member of the Assembly Addressing the Assembly Members

The elections which was conducted saw the Presidential Nominee Hon. Collies Offinam Takyi obtaining 37 yes votes with 11 voting no out of the total number of assembly members present and this enabled him to secure the 2/3 majority votes which thereby confirmed his nomination as the substantive District Chief Executive for the Tano South District of the Brong Ahafo Region
Hon. Offinam Collins Takyi thanking the Assembly Members after the election

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