Friday, July 24, 2015


A re-launching ceremony of the Bechem Business College has taking place at the schools premises at Bechem in the Tano South District of the Brong Ahafo Region.
Bechem Business Collage which was established in 1972 has by dint of hard work got its standard raised and offers a diploma certificate in Business.
The re-lunching of the school entails the establishment of a Junior and Senior High Schools to train pupils and students to feed the Collage and to further raise its status to a polytechnic level which has already been applied for over the year.
Mr. Kwame Obeng  Fosu  the principal of the collage hinted that the school fees of the Senior High School would be GHC 200.00 per term and what is special about the school is that as part of this school fees the Senior High School department would make it compulsory for every student to be trained in mushroom, snails, grass cutters and soap production in the first term of enrolment.
This innovation Mr. Obeng Fosu said is intended to make BEBUSCO, be assured that poverty has run away from your home and by so doing poverty would run away from Bechem township and its environs.
Mr. Obeng  Fosu thanked the Omanhene of Bechem Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II for releasing a 50 acres  land to the school for its intended objective of becoming a university very soon and concluded by soliciting God guidance for the school to rise again.
In a speech the co-coordinator of  2nd cycle school and private schools division of the Tano South District Directorate of Education Mr. Kingsford Folkuo – Boahen said the Bechem Business Collage has been in existence for so many years  and has produced many graduates but recently, the good standard of BEBUSCO has fallen and this is the more reason why all stakeholders should come on board to uplift the good image of BEBUSCO.
Mr. Fokuo-Boahen said from global and national perspectives, the provision of Technical and Vocation and Education and Training (TVET) is view as necessary intervention in attempts to empower people, reduce and realize a millennium Development Goals.
The logic Mr. Fokuo-Boahen said is that, if people, especially the youth are equipped with employable skills with which they can access labour market, then the incidence of unemployment, poverty and other undesirable consequences of social and economic exclusion would be reduced.
Mr. Fokuo-Boahen said the mission of the Ministry of Education is to provide education to all Ghanaians at all levels to enable them to acquire skills that will assist them to develop their potentials, to be productive, to facilitate poverty reduction and to promote socio-economic growth and said national development and Educational policy is the principles and government policy-making in an educational shed as well as the collection of rules and laws that govern the operations of Educational systems. He said educational policy focuses on practical consequences of educational policy decision and alternatives.
Mr. Fokuo-Boahen assured the management of the college of the possible maximum support of the District Directorate of Education to improve on the enrollment, teacher quality and good academic and moral performance and urged all stakeholders to also try and dedicate their maximum support to bring back the good image of the College.
The Tano South District Chief, Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba, in a speech said he deemed it a pleasure for the opportunity given him to re-launch this great school Bechem Business College.
Hon. Anaba said Human Capital is key to unlocking the potentials of any country and this cannot be achieved without access to quality education and said meanwhile, the overall aim of education cannot also be met without private sector participation and that is why we must congratulate the founder of Bechem Business Collage for the bold initiative.
Hon. Anaba said it is in the light of this that the government and for that matter the District Assembly is committed to expanding educational infrastructure across the educational structure in the District of which the latest is the Derma Community Senior High School which is under construction in the District.
Hon. Anaba said he considered himself the right person to give a brief history of the college since he did his internship at BEBUSCO in 2008. He said the college was the second Business College in the Brong Ahafo Region with registration No. GES/BAR/B/2 and between 1975 and 1983, BEBUSCO was the leading Business College and was competing with Solomon Commercial College at Koforidua in the Eastern Region for the National first position.
Hon. Anaba said, in the Brong Ahafo Region of late, the fortunes of the college have dwindled, many people have forgotten about BEBUSCO but the school has played a very important and positive role in the development of Ghana as many of its graduates are found all over the country some of whom are accountants, secretaries and self-employed.
Hon. Anaba said the government wishes for more of such colleges that would build capacity of our youth with employable skills to enhance their living standards and with this re-launch additional courses and programmes have been introduced which include primary and Senior High which will start in the next Academic year.
Hon. Anaba concluded by saying that the government and the Tano South District Assembly shall support BEBUSCO to regain its position and become the number one Business College in Ghana and on behalf of the Tano South Disrict Assembly promised to construct a 3-unit classroom block for the college and this he believed would help enhance teaching and learning at the college.
The Chairman for the occasion, Nana Awua Boadi- Nifahene of  Bechem Traditional Area, in his closing remarks thanked all who have in one way or the other helped to make the re-launching ceremony a success and called on all stakeholders to play their part to make the college regain its past glory and also raise its status to a tertiary level.
Nana called on parents to enroll their wards at the college and entreated the management and staff of the college to dedicate themselves to the noble vision of the college.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


The Ghana Centre for Development ( CDD- Ghana ) a non- profit and non- partisan research and policy think tank in a 4-year  project dubbed “I AM AWARE” which seeks to improve public service provision to enhance accountability and responsiveness in the provision of public goods and services has briefed stakeholders in the Tano South District of the Brong Ahafo Region of the project.
Participants at the stakeholders briefing
In an opening remarks at the briefing  session, the Tano South District coordinating Director Mrs. Agatha Ahia who stood in  for the District Chief Executive Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba  said there was the need to meet all stakeholders to aid in the framing the project as setting needed data for documentation.

The District Coordinating Director- Mrs. Agatha Ahia, giving her opening remarks
She said the four year project from CDD seeks to improve the provision of public goods and services and called on all to contribute their quota for a successful briefing session.
A resource mobilization and Public Affairs   manager of the CDD Nana Hagan in a presentation said CDD together with UNICEF introduced the District League Table and over a year the concept has grown among MMDAs.
Nana Hagan thanked the Tano South District Assembly for their efforts and encouraged the staff to work harder to maintain the number one position and said he was impressed with the efforts of the assembly and various PTAs in Improving Education in the District.
However,  Nana Hagan said all MMDAs scored zero in  ODF ( Open Defecation Free ) and urged the Tano South District Assembly to try and receive an ODF certificate by scoring a good number.

Nana Hagan of CDD briefing participants on the project
Nana Hagan said as part of the project called “ I AM AWARE” seven ( 7 ) sectors namely Education, Health, Road, Water and Sanitation, Security and Agriculture, a comprehensive data is required to help grant easy access  to all members of  the society and recommended health for their up-to date data and stressed that CDD wants to improve data of the other sectors to feed their data centre in Accra to help the nation.
Nana Hagan said a website  has been created to help people access data of 40 districts, 5 in the Brong Ahafo Region out of the total districts and Tano South District Assembly being number one to be included. He said these data would also help donors to access data even before visiting the district and once this duty is attained areas in the District would have data to help in proper programming and in addition the citizen would also be enlightened on the level.
Nana Hagan ended his presentation by soliciting for support from all departments and said a full blown exercise will begin in 3 months’ time.
The District coordinating Director in her closing remarks assured the CDD members of the willingness of the staff of the assembly to support the project and mentioned that an advocacy campaign which has already started by the assembly has yielded 84 result.