Monday, April 22, 2013


A group of the National Democratic Congress sympathizers calling themselves concern NDC members of Tano South Constituency have demonstrated in the Tano South District Capital of Bechem against the possible retaining of the incumbent District Chief Executive in the person of Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba by the president.

The group numbering about nine amid brass band music and wearing red hand bands and attires walked and danced in a procession for a distance of about 1/8 kilometer and returned to the base where they previously gathered. The group in the course of the demonstration carried placards some of read. ‘’Bukari Zakari Anaba, stop awarding dubious contracts ‘’Mr. President we want a humble and respectful DCE for Tano South.” Though the purported demonstration was announced prior to the day of the demonstration on a Local Community Information Centre for all concerned NDC Sympathizers to meet at the Bechem Community Centre it did not attract any patronage from the constituency NDC Members as their number could well be described as it had not received any blessing from the Constituency Executives but being organized by a few disgruntled elements within party.
A source indicates that when the announcement was made on the Local Information Centre by the leader of the group a counter announcement was also made on the same medium that the constituency executives and members of the party including it’s chairman were not aware of any such demonstration been organized therefore disassociates itself from such plan.

Also in a press release after the announcement and signed by the Constituency Chairman in the person of Asare Fofie Joseph and headed “Tano South NDC Executives Disassociates themselves from Demonstration.

The release read’’ at an emergency meeting held at the constituency office at Bechem on Monday, 15th April, 2013, the following resolutions were arrived at.
(a)    That Tano South NDC disassociate itself from the intended demonstration organized by a group of people calling themselves as concerned NDC.

(b)   That the party has no branch or group calling themselves concerned group in the constituency
(c)    That the party is happy wining Tano South Seat and concerned with its performance in the general election.
(d)   That we are calling all well meaning NDC faithfuls not to participate in the intended demonstration
(e)    That, if those interested in the District Chief Executive (DCE) position are behind they should henceforth stop.
(f)    That the party has no intention of demonstrating against the District Chief Executive (DCE).

 The said demonstration though was carried out by the few disgruntled elements within the party as described some NDC faithfuls interacted with observed that the constituency NDC Executives and its members had a lot to be happy with the incumbent District Chief Executive since he toiled day and night during the election campaign period and led the party to wrestle the Tano South Constituency Parliamentary Seat from the NPP and also has demonstrated his total commitment to the National Democratic Congress.

Public reaction after the demonstration also indicated that the majority of people who watched the not too long demonstration were of the view that the DCE during his first four years has done a lot for the District in terms of developmental projects and rather needed commendation but not condemnation.