Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The bid by the Tano South District Assembly to elect a Presiding Member for the Assembly got to a stalemate when the fifty six (56) assembly members present could not come to a compromise through the ballot box.
In a speech before the elections, the Tano South District Coordinating Director and acting District Chief Executive said, the reason for the august meeting was to elect a Presiding member which was mandatory based on article 244 (1,2and 3) of the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.
Mrs Ahia said, it is imperative to elect a Presiding member of the assembly now so that he or she can convey an assembly meeting to confirm the President’s nominee for the position of District Chief Executive and ensure the smooth administration of the District in order to achieve the needed development.
A Representative from the Regional Electoral Commission, Mr Edward Gyamfi who was in charge of the election opened nominations for twenty (20) minutes to enable assembly members who wanted to take up the position of the Presiding member of the Tano South District Assembly to file their nomination and saw three members in the Persons of, Hon John Dadzie, Hon Rebecca Abebrese and Hon Opoku Boabeng picking their forms to contest the election.
The first round of the elections saw none of the contestants getting the required two-third (2/3) majority votes so, a five minutes break was given to enable them prepare for the second round of election after which a winner could not be declared thus, calling a third round.
Hon Rebecca Abebrese after the second election ‘threw in the towel’ leaving Hon John Dadzie and Hon Opoku Boabeng to contest for the position in the third round of which Hon John Dadzie polled Thirty Seven (37) votes to Eighteen (18) for Hon Opoku Boabeng which indicated that none of the two contestants gained the two- third (2/3) majority of votes.

This trend of affairs of which each of the two contestants did not get the two- third majority votes required made the elections to be postponed until further notice.