Friday, October 21, 2016


His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has launched his campaign to solicit the support of the people of the Tano South constituency of the Brong Ahafo Region to give him their support and vote for him to have his second term in office as the President of the Republic of Ghana.
On his arrival at Bechem; the Tano South District capital, President Mahama and his entourage led by the Tano South District Chief Executive, Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba and the member of parliament for the Tano South Constituency, Hon. Dr. Hannah Louisa Bisiw paid a courtesy call on the Omanhene of the Bechem Traditional Area, Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II.
In an introductory speech at the Omanhene’s palace, the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon. Eric Opoku said, the President has called on Nananom and the good people of the constituency to solicit for their votes and to share their problems with them.
Hon. Opoku said that, the Fourth Republican Constitution mandates the people of Ghana to go for polls in every four years to elect a President and parliamentarians and also emphasized that the four years in office of President Mahama has helped the Tano South District to see a dramatic change in the development of the District and the Region as a whole and called on the people to consider the achievement of the NDC government and vote massively for the NDC party to enable President Mahama to continue his good work.
The Brong Ahafo Regional Minister also said, since the second Republic, Ghana has seen a number of Presidents, whereby each of them worked towards the development of the nation but emphasized that President Mahama’s achievements during his tenure of office has superseded all and called on all and sundry to vote for President Mahama in the coming elections.
Hon. Opoku, on behalf of His Excellency President Mahama and his entourage presented assorted drinks and an undisclosed amount to Nananom as custom demands.
Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II, the Omanhene of Bechem Traditional Area on behalf of the Bechem Traditional Council welcomed the President and his entourage and commended the NDC government for the numerous projects they have undertaken in the Tano South District
 Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II, called on the government to consider as a matter of urgency to improve the road networks in the District so as to enhance businesses and the transportation of farm produces to the urban center since the people of the District are mostly farmers. He also emphasized that “All works and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” and said, since football is also another way of bringing joy to the people, government should construct a stadium at Bechem to enhance the development of soccer in the District.
Nana said, not too long ago, Bechem United FC won the MTN FA Cup which enabled the team to qualify to play in Africa Confederation Cup and hinted that it will not be in the interest of Nananom and the people of Bechem to see their darling club playing their matches on neutral grounds hence the need by the government to construct a suitable and modern stadium at Bechem.
Addressing Nananom, President Mahama said he considered the day as a great day for all since this was his second time of coming before them. He said, in 2012 he visited Bechem to solicit the help of the people to vote for him to assume the high office as the President and went further to say that, when he assumed office as President, he has been able to undertake a number of developmental projects in all parts of the country especially the Tano South District.
President Mahama also said the needs of the District are dear to his heart and promised that the NDC government will do all it takes to see to it that the road networks of the District are improved to ease transportation and also said that a modern stadium will be constructed at Bechem.
The President and his entourage after the courtesy call on Nananom walked to the Bechem Lorry Station, where the campaign launch was held.
In a speech at the campaign launch, Hon. Aseidu Nketiah, the NDC General Secretary urged all and sundry to consider the achievements of the NDC government in the Tano South District and vote massively for the NDC Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates to retain them into power for the government to continue the good works it has initiated.
 The Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon. Eric Opoku in a short address said, the NDC is the only party which is committed to implement policies that can transform and change the lives of Ghanaians and urged all to give the party the mandate to serve another term in office.
Addressing the teaming supporters of the NDC and the enthusiastic crowd, President John Dramani Mahama used the occasion to catalogue some of the achievements of his government and what they intend to do when voted again into power and called on all present to rally behind the party and vote for the party to retain power.
 President Mahama informed the people that by voting for the Party’s Presidential Candidate, they should also vote for the party’s Parliamentary Candidate so as to get the majority in parliament and used the occasion to introduce Hon.Dr.Hannah Louisa Bisiw as the NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Tano South Constituency.


A short but impressive presentation of the wildfire prevention football gala competition trophy has been held at Bechem in the Tano South District to launch the competition and to get in readiness the competing teams to prepare for the day.
The wildfire prevention drive which is under the auspices of the Forestry Division, the Ghana National Fire Service and the Ministry of Agriculture is to create awareness to the public about the effects of bush fires and its prevention.
In a speech at the presentation ceremony, the District Fire Commander A.D.O III, Micheal Ato Korsah said, for many years, the issue of bush fires in the Tano South District has been a matter of great concern and that the effects of bush fires on livelihood in the District over the years have increasingly become damaging  and said, last year over one hundred and seventy eight (178) cocoa farms were burnt and it is for this reason that the three outfits have taking the trouble to educate the masses on bushfires through the use of football gala competition.
The District Fire Commander commended the District Chief Executive, Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba for his immense contribution in the event of bushfires as he normally mobilizes Fire Volunteers to meet the task before even the Fire Service Personnels arrived at the scene and said, this has in one way or the other contributed to the saving of fortunes by farm owners which could have been lost through the bush fires.
Mr. Vincent Maya of the District NADMO Secretariat in a speech hinted that, since November, 2015 to March, 2016 all disaster related issues reported to his outfit has been as a result of fire outbreaks and called on them to discard the notion that NADMO gives compensation to the fire victims since NADMO is just there to supply relief items to such victims and called on all presents to help educate the masses on fire prevention measures.
Addressing the gathering, the Regional Wildfire Coordinator, A.D.O.I, Baffour Gyau said that majority of these fires which occurred  in the Tano South District were largely caused by the activities of human beings which ranges from farming, hunting, charcoal burning, palm wine tapping, smoking and many more which destroys the forest and appealed to all and sundry to participate in the education drive and awareness creation through the various activities lined up for the project which include the football gala competition.
The Tano South District Manager of the Forestry Division, Mr. Nichloas Awuku congratulated all present and urged them to bring “ all hands on deck” to combat wildfire outbreaks in the Tano South District and handed over the Trophy to the Tano South District Chief Executive, Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba
Receiving the trophy, the Tano South District Chief Executive in a speech commended the stakeholders for coming up with such initiative as part of the public education drive to combat wildfire in the District, since the football gala would also bring people from all walks of life together to watch the matches and that could be seen as another avenue of creating the awareness of wildfires.
Hon. Anaba said the incidence of bushfires are seasonal and mostly occur in the dry season (hammatan) which usually leaves the vegetation dry and called on people to desist from any actions and inactions which could lead to bush burning and called on all to rally behind the initiative and support the good course.
Balloting for the pairings of the matches was made and the teams lined up for the football gala competition were drawn from the Ghana Police Service, District Assembly, Farmers group, G.P.R.T.U, National Fire Service, Butchers  Association, Health Service and the National Health Insurance Scheme.