Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As part of their social responsibilities to improve education in the Tano South District, SODIA a Non-Governmental Organization in collaboration with IBIS also an NGO have donated ten thousand (10000) exercise books to the Tano South Distr

ict Education Service on behalf of the District Assembly.

In a short but impressive ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer o

f SODIA, Mr. Aziz Issifu, revealed the donation

is part of the Annual Calendar of the NGO to strengthen education in coco

a growin

g districts. He said the distribution of the exercise books would be made available to all the four education circuits in the district for onward distribution to the beneficiary

children in the various communities.

Mr. Aziz Issifu therefore entreated the educational officers to share the exerc

ise books according t

o the purpose for which it was donated.

Receiving the exercise books on behalf of the Tano South District Assembly, the District Chief Executive commended SODIA and IBIS for the good work done by going down to the grass root to identify problems facing the communities and helping address such problems.

He therefore pleaded with the NGO to sustain the programme to enhance education in the district

Monday, January 11, 2010


“Water” they say is life; but paying tariffs on water become a problem to the Community when it is high.

An increase on water tariff by the Bechem Water and Sanitation Board has become a problem which needed attention and an amicable solution to it.

A decision by the Bechem Water Board to increase the water tariff from GP20 to GP50 has aroused tension to the extend that a forum has been organized to discuss the issue which did not meet the hearts of the good people of Bechem.

The decision to increase the tariff has taken the attention of the Bechem Traditional council and the Tano South District Assembly but the two bodies also needed the views of the Bechem Community.

It is in this regard that the Traditional Council, the Assembly and the water board called for a public forum which was held at Bechem.

Enumerating the factors which has called for the increase in the water tariff of a bucket of “34” , Mr. Adu Gyamfi the Public Relations Officer of the Bechem Water Board said the water system of Bechem was handed over to the Bechem Water Board in June, 2002 and have since run it to present.

Mr. Adu Gyamfi said, at the initial stage of the Board’s work the Community was to contribute 5% of the total cost of the water supply system with the government and a donor agency providing 95% of the cost.

Mr. Adu Gyamfi said the Board inherited six (6) boreholes comprising of three (3) at the Bechem Presec which served the Bechem Community, one (1) at Bechem Junction and two (2) at the Telecom Site.

Mr. Adu Gyamfi said since the board took over the water supply system of Bechem, a lot has been done but much needs to be done to improve the water situation of Bechem and all these could be done when adequate resources in terms of finance have been achieved.

He said electricity bills paid by the board have increased tremendously, and also the cost of maintenance which he said needs to be dome regularly since the machines they inherited have outlived it’s life span or is overaged.

He said staff at the boards office also needs to be paid salaries whilst board members are also to receive allowances, this he said has made it necessary for the board to increase it’s tariff since it has also been able to provide a modern toilet facility for the people of Bechem with the little profit they accrued since their last increment in 2004.

The District Chief Executive for Tano South Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba in a speech at the forum said the gathering which is of the Water Board and the Community has become necessary since a team from the Board has approached the Traditional Council and the assembly on the increase of water tariff by the water board.

Hon. Anaba said the two (2) bodies alone could not take a decision on the issue since it needed the views of the consumers also

Hon. Anaba said some problems which the Board mentioned as factors agitating for the increase included high electricity tariffs, increase in population which needs extending water to some areas which lack water and the high maintenance cost of the over aged machine which is in use for the supply of water to Bechem and it’s environs.

Hon. Anaba cautioned that the forum was not of any political dimension but an issue confronting the people of Bechem which needs to be tackled with diligence.

The District Chief Executive said the assembly’s prime aim is how best the water board could improve the quality of service, and hinted that the Tano South District Assembly would include the rate which would be agreed upon in it’s fee fixing resolution.

Various speakers at the open forum expressed disgust at the board’ decision to increase the water tariff.

Some agitated that the board in some years back have not accounted for moneys collected and has since not provided a generating plant they collected money to purchase for use when lights are out.

Various pleas also came from the people for the existing tariff to be mention since any increase would not meet the consent of the people and if any at all should be GP30.

There were various agitations which made a speaker to suggest that votes should be cast to determine those who were in favour of the increment and those who were not in favour, but this suggestion was brushed away.

Tension started to mount when some youths started chanting and singing to the effect that they would not accept or honour any increase in the tariff.

The tension which, was mounting aroused the attention of the District Chief Executive who called for calm and called for the suspension of the decision by the board to increase the tariff until further notice.

The function was chaired by Nana Sekyere the Akyempemhene of Bechem Traditional Council who commented on issues raised by various speakers and called on all to take the welfare of Bechem at heart.



A Pupil of the Bechem Methodist Junior High School Master Aliu Iddrisu was among a number of school children selected country wide to attend this years (2009) Head of State children party at the Castle Osu Accra.

Master Aliu who according to his headteacher Mr. Anthony Yeboah is in Junior High School form two (2) pupil was chosen on merit raging from academic, character and neatness.

Mr. Yeboah hinted that Master Aliu though walks 14 mites, to and from Bechem Check Spellingto his village daily to attend school, he has never been seen absenting himself from classes and has always taken his studies seriously. Mr. Yeboah described Master Aliu as very disciplined and obedient.

All these remarks on Master Aliu came to light when the District Director of Education for Tano South Mr. Marcus Sarpong led Master Aliu and his headteacher to the Tano South District Assembly to introduce him to the Chief Executive Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba.

The District Chief Executive commended Master Aliu for having been selected to be part of this years Head of State Children Party at the Castle and adviced him to keep up the criteria which made him to be selected to represent the Tano South District.

The Chief Executive again adviced Master Aliu to learn hard to reach greater heights and cautioned him to be careful during the X’mas festivities and not to over enjoy but use the holidays to study.

Master Aliu on his part expressed great joy for having been part of the chosen few who attended the Head of State Children’s Party. He said his selection afforded him the opportunity to visit Accra and the Castle for the first time and more also to have had the chance to interact with the President of Ghana.

He thanked the almighty God, the Tano South District Assembly and the District Directorate of Education for their support and promised he would use that opportunity to further study hard to become a future leader.