Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The bid by the Tano South District Assembly to elect a Presiding Member for the Assembly got to a stalemate when the fifty six (56) assembly members present could not come to a compromise through the ballot box.
In a speech before the elections, the Tano South District Coordinating Director and acting District Chief Executive said, the reason for the august meeting was to elect a Presiding member which was mandatory based on article 244 (1,2and 3) of the constitution of the Republic of Ghana.
Mrs Ahia said, it is imperative to elect a Presiding member of the assembly now so that he or she can convey an assembly meeting to confirm the President’s nominee for the position of District Chief Executive and ensure the smooth administration of the District in order to achieve the needed development.
A Representative from the Regional Electoral Commission, Mr Edward Gyamfi who was in charge of the election opened nominations for twenty (20) minutes to enable assembly members who wanted to take up the position of the Presiding member of the Tano South District Assembly to file their nomination and saw three members in the Persons of, Hon John Dadzie, Hon Rebecca Abebrese and Hon Opoku Boabeng picking their forms to contest the election.
The first round of the elections saw none of the contestants getting the required two-third (2/3) majority votes so, a five minutes break was given to enable them prepare for the second round of election after which a winner could not be declared thus, calling a third round.
Hon Rebecca Abebrese after the second election ‘threw in the towel’ leaving Hon John Dadzie and Hon Opoku Boabeng to contest for the position in the third round of which Hon John Dadzie polled Thirty Seven (37) votes to Eighteen (18) for Hon Opoku Boabeng which indicated that none of the two contestants gained the two- third (2/3) majority of votes.

This trend of affairs of which each of the two contestants did not get the two- third majority votes required made the elections to be postponed until further notice.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017


The Tano South District version of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Ghana’s Independence was celebrated in a grand style with a smart turnout of School Children, Artisans and Market Women.
The year’s anniversary saw an increase in the number of participating Schools and School Children who were smartly dressed to meet the occasion.
The District Coordinating Director for the Tano South Mrs Agartha Ahia who acted as the District Chief Executive in the company of the member of Parliament for the Tano South Constituency Hon. Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere, the District Director of Education, Rev. Robert Opoku and the District Police Commander, DSP Abraham Bansah inspected the parade formed by the School Children and other groups.
Dignitaries inspecting the parade of school children
Reading the anniversary address, the acting District Chief Executive Mrs Agartha Ahia on behalf of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana and Tano South District Assembly extended to the people their best wishes and warm felicitations on the occasion and expressed her appreciation and gratitude to Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II Omanhene of Bechem for finding time to grace the occasion with his presence.
Mrs Ahia said Ghana is one of the few countries in the Sub – Region and Africa in general who since independence in spite of the transient political upheavals have not been thrown into abyss of full scale civil war. She said the relative peace and stability of the country coupled with its time tested democratic credentials has made the country a beacon of hope on the international stage and said the recent elections in which there was a peaceful transfer of power further deepened our rich democratic culture and therefore saluted our first President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and all the gallant men and women whose untiring efforts made it possible for us to celebrate this day.
Mrs Agartha Ahia reading the anniversary address
Mrs Ahia said, Ghana has indeed come a long way and should by now be rubbing shoulders with its peers who gained independence within the same period as Ghana and it is against this background that as we celebrate what is good and beautiful about Ghana, we also undertake an introspection into what should have been if only we had been more patriotic and committed to the country like our renowned fore – bearers. She said the theme for this year’s celebration ‘Ghana 60 years on: mobilizing for Ghana’s future’ is timely and appropriate since there is no better way of mobilizing for Ghana’s future without investing heavily in our youth and young and it is in this vein that government’s policy of free SHS and the one factory one District policies are all geared towards utilizing the energies and intellect of the youth to propel the growth of the country.
Mrs Ahia said, the vision of the government is to build a country where the rule of law works with equal opportunity for all as Ghana cannot develop without instituting appropriate policy development and enforcement of law as well as regulations, as indiscipline on the part of most of us have had negative consequences on the country and for that matter our communities and called on Ghanaians to give the necessary cooperation support to the government.
She said we have come far as a nation and have made significant progress in all facets of our national endeavour but we need to do more and called on all that it is high time we discarded all the negative tendencies which have accounted for the socio – economic stagnation of the country and pool all our human and material resource together and work assiduously to lift our country from poverty, ignorance, diseases, deprivation and lawlessness and thanked Nananom and all present for making the occasion a success.
Speaking at the function, the Member of Parliament for the Tano South Constituency Hon Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere first and foremost thanked God and the people of the Constituency for bringing him this far by voting for him to become their Member Parliament. He said Ghanaians should be proud of hitting the 60th year’s mark of Independence and how far we have got to as a nation though a lot needs to be done.
Hon Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere speaking at the function
Hon Sekyere said whilst we are celebrating the day it is important to ask ourselves what we will be remembered for the years to come and what contributions are we making to be remembered like Dr Kwame Nkrumah, J.B Dankwa, Ako Adjei, Paa Grant and others we are celebrating today.
Touching on the Pupils and Students, Hon Sekyere reminded them that, education is the key and to make greater impact in our societies as we look forward to embracing the future that lies ahead of us, education should be pursued with vigour since through difficulties man went to the stars and there is nothing under the sun that cannot be achieved if you set your eyes upon it.
Hon. Sekyere elaborated a number of policies and programmes the government intends to embark upon and said a greater number of projects would be undertaken when a new DCE is appointed for the District and appealed to the people to occupy their minds with the development of Tano South District with the election over. He said he has come for the people of Tano South but not a particular political party and concluded by saying that if we move on as a united body and remain committed to the course of Tano South and Ghana as a whole, a time will come when we can hit our chest and proudly say that we have been part of the development of Tano South District and Ghana.
A salute was taking by the dignitaries in turns during the march pass of school children, students, market women and artisans and prizes were awarded to the best three schools in the primary, JHS and SHS categories and certificates of participation were also given to all the schools which participated in the anniversary parade.
Dignitaries taking the turns during the march past
In a closing remark, Nana Boadi Amponim who spoke on behalf of the Omanhene Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II congratulated all the participating groups for their smart turn out and brisk marching and called on all and sundry to contribute meaningfully to the development of the country since Ghana has gone far with 60th years of independence but a lot needs to be done. Nana called on all to support the government to be able to implement its policies and programmes so as to move Ghana forward.    

Nana Boadi Amponim speaking on behalf of the Omanhene