Thursday, December 24, 2015


A durbar has been organized by the Tano South District Assembly for its staff to take stock of the year 2015 staff performance and the way forward for the year 2016.
Addressing the staff, the Tano South District Chief Executive on behalf the President, MP for the constituency and on his own behalf wished the staff a merry Christmas and a happy New year and, led the staff to observe a minute silence for some members of staff who passed away during the year.
Touching on the relevance of headcounts, Hon. Anaba said, headcounts is relevant to the progress of an organization and for that matter staff of the Assembly should ensure that they are part of all headcounts in the subsequent years. He said, it has come to the notice of management that some of the staff have since not presented their Social Security Numbers for the necessary action to be taken on it and called on all such persons to ensure that their Social Security Numbers are presented on time.
The District Chief Executive thanked the staff for their performance in the year 2015 and called on them to  strive hard to achieve more than what was done in 2015 for the Assembly to achieve its targeted gaols.
Hon. Anaba entreated the staff to be transparent in the course of discharging their duties and be hard working. He said some projects of the Assembly are financed internally with the Assembly’s own generated funds and  called on all the revenue officers and collectors to work extra hard in the coming year to mobilize enough revenue for the Assembly to meet its projected revenue target.
Hon. Anaba said, though more was done in terms of the National Sanitation Day Exercise in the district during 2015, much needs to be done in 2016 to improve the sanitation of the district to a larger extent.
Speaking on behalf of the management and staff of the Assembly, the Tano South District Co-ordinating Director, Mrs Agartha Ahia thanked the District Chief Executive and said the cordiality between the management and other Heads of Department in the district have led to a cordia working relations between them.
Mrs Ahia urged the staff of the Assembly to be always disciplined and ensure that the right thing is done in the performance of their duties and ensure that they are abided by the code of ethics of the civil service and refrain from doing politics in the course of their work.

Thursday, December 10, 2015


The Tano South District’s version of the 31st edition of the farmers’ day celebration has been held at Techimantia.
The celebration which drew people from all parts of the district was a delight to watch and in attendance were the District Chief Executive,  Nananom, the Clergy, Heads of Departments and Assembly Members.
Welcoming the people gathered at the function, the Tano South District Director of Agriculture, Mr. Dwamena  Godfred  said, he was highly privileged to welcome all to the memorable occasion and mentioned that the main purpose of the day’s  gathering was to say ‘’Ayekoo’’ to our gallant farmers who through their sweat and toil have been able to produce enough to feed the nation.
Mr. Dwamena said, this year’s theme for the celebration ‘’TRANSFORM GHANA, INVEST IN AGRICULTURE’ is a call for more investment in the agricultural sector to transform the country’s rural economies and halt rural-urban migration. He said the agricultural sector as a tool for transformation could be effected on the national economy through the activities of the private sector.
Mr. Dwamena said, the rainfall pattern for this year has been erratic drastically, thus, affecting production output and called on farmers to seek technical advice on timeliness, drought, resistant crop in their production. He said the agricultural department was able to carry out a number of demonstrations sponsored by the West African Agriculture Productivity Programme (WAAPP) in Maize, Cassava, Rice, Cocoyam, Taro and Vegetables throughout the District as learning plots for farmers.
Mr. Dwamena said, MOFA and Plant-Wise carried out education on control of diseases and pests  problems in the District, and the District was lucky to avoid bird flu in poultry as the veterinary staff with the assistance of AEA’s were able to monitor the bird flu outbreak as directed by MOFA.
Mr. Dwamena said,  21 gallant farmers and fishers are being awarded this year in the District and thanked the Tano South District Assembly, especially the District Chief Executive and his management team for providing funds for the occasion.
In an address, the Tano South Disrtict Chief Executive, Hon. Bukari  Zakari  Anaba said, the celebration was the climax of a hectic process to honour our gallant farmers and fishers for their meritorious contributions to the achievements of Ghana Shared Growth and development Agenda II and used the occasion to welcome all present at the gathering.
Hon. Anaba said, in keeping with the aim of advancing GSGDA II which has the principal objective of achieving food security and nutrition, government has continued to put in place critical interventions in a logical manner to modern agriculture to attract more people into the sector for accelerated growth especially the youth.
He said,  indeed, through the collaboration between government and our farmers, the agricultural sector has been able to feed the people within the District and also export surpluses of the produce to other parts of the country and beyond to earn some income.
Hon. Anaba said, as the theme for this year’s celebration, agriculture as a tool for transformation of the national economy can be accelerated through increase investment and provide sector participation and said the theme for the 31st farmers Day celebration is a clarion call on all of us to take advantage of the abundant fertile lands and generous policy interventions by government such as provision of free inputs to farmers to also invest in agriculture to increase output for the country to achieve the cardinal objective of the government by making Ghana self-sufficient in food production.
Hon. Anaba said, the department of Agriculture in collaboration with Crop Research Institute (CRI) embarked on a cocoyam planting material multiplication demonstration using new varieties that have been developed by (CRI) to increase yield. He said the two institutions have also collaborated to introduce new varieties of Taro to the District to access its resistance to the disease that has wiped off almost all the Taro crops that used to exist in the district. He said the government through the COCOBOD distributed 600,000 free cocoa seedlings and other inputs to cocoa farmers in the District and few communities in the district that falls within the coverage area of COCOBOD to increase cocoa production of the country.
Hon. Anaba hinted that, beginning next year farming season, COCOBOD will distribute 650,000 seedlings to farmers in Bechem  Zone of the district, 250,000 to Techimantia  Zone and 200,000 to Derma zone to further increase cocoa production in the district and the country at large and said Tano South alone will benefit 1,100,000 free cocoa seedlings.
Hon. Anaba said, the government in its quest to improving transportation of agriculture products from the district to market centres is currently constructing Techimantia-Akomandan road and has awarded contracts for the construction of 10km Derma-Asuoso road and 15km Techimantia-Derma road and was of the conviction that government will continue to explore all necessary means possible to support farmers in all areas to make farming attractive to the young men and women.
Hon. Anaba retaliated, that the agricultural sector is the one when a lot of investments and energies by individuals are channelled, will help create employment to reduce poverty, hunger, malnutrition and stabilize the local currency to improve standard of living of the people as the sector continues to be the key to the advancement of the country’s economy, since the sector employs over 50% of the active labour force and accounts for about 30% of the total foreign exchange earnings of the country.
Hon. Anaba congratulated and welcomed the award winners and said he was of the view that their colleague farmers will take inspiration from their achievements to do more so that they would also be recognised in future celebrations.
In a speech, Mr. Ayammah Mathew, who received the overall best farmer award thanked  the government for its initiative in the farmers’ day celebration and appealed to all farmers to invest their resources in the agricultural sector to enable them acquire more money to meet their demands and that of the Country.
Nana Ampong Kromantan II, the Krontihene of Techimantia, who chaired the function in his remarks describes farming as a tedious work and appealed to the government to introduce policies which will make the sector attractive for all manner of people and congratulated successive governments for  carrying out the farmers’ day celebration.
Nana Kromantan II congratulates the award winners and advised them not to rest on their oars after the celebration but to strive to produce more. He called on the District Assembly to ensure that all roads leading to farming areas in the district are well maintained and made motorable for easy transportation of farm products to the urban centres.
Nana Kromantan II said, since farmers contribute to the nations’ development, government should ensure that farmers are given the necessary training, inputs and chemicals to boost their production and yield.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The chiefs and people of Atanofo Traditional Area (Bechem) have celebrated their bi-annual Adekeyem festival at Bechem the Tano South District Capital.
The festival which was with pomp and gallery attracted a large number of people from all walks of life including traditional rulers from other districts and regions of the country.
In a welcome address, the Omanhene of Bechem and president of the Bechem Traditional Council Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II said this year’s celebration of the festival is aimed at mobilising funds to put up a community Library at the District Capital to cater for Bechem and its environs to boost education since education is the key to success.
Nana Fosu Gyeabour II said the though peace and unity has long existed in the traditional area, the Adekyem festival has come to strengthen it more and has re-enacted the traditional values of the people.
Nana Akoto said farmers in the Tano South District contribute a lot to the development of the nation and for that matter urged the  government to give them the necessary support to enable them expand their farms. Nana said since Agriculture is the back bone of the country, there is the need for the government to give it the necessary boost by initiating policies that would make the sector attractive for the youth of the country to invest their resources into it.
Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II said the introduction of the Presidential Special Initiative in the cultivation of Oil Palm in the District was aimed at removing poverty and urged all who has land to go into the cultivation of Oil Palm.
In his address, the Tano South District Chief Executive Hon. Bukari  Zakari  Anaba  said, festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage culture and traditions and play an important role in adding structure to our social lives and connecting us with our families and backgrounds.
Hon. Anaba said, festivals are celebrated to propagate the cultural heritage of societies and highlight various aspects of society and helps in keeping alive the older traditions and provide entertainment to the people who take part in them and in the same vain, the Adekyem festival is a festival which also seeks to pass on the customs and traditions of the chiefs and people of the Bechem Traditional Area to the younger generation.
Hon. Anaba said like all other editions of festivals a theme has been put in place to steer the celebration towards a particular course and for that matter, it is needed laudable that ‘’Adekyem festival as a tool for Unity in Development of Bechem Traditinal Area’’ was chosen as the theme for this year’s celebration because in the absence of unity, development staggers ,however in unity, development is accelerated as festivals are universally related to harmony, peace and happiness and it is his hope that, the celebration of the Adekyem will unite them in the best way possible and hoped that all would indulge in the rich cultural display and the beauty of the Adekyem festival in a bid to develop the Tano South District.
The Brong Ahafo Region Minister, Hon. Eric OPoku who stood in for His Execellency John Dramani Mahama in his presidential address said that the government of the National Democratic Congress recognizes festivals and commended the chiefs and people of Bechem Traditional Area for initiating the Adekyem festival.
He said the NDC government in its 2012 electioneering campaign promised Ghanaians that, the government would construct new school buildings to replace and eradicate schools under trees and also put up new community day’s Senior High Schools to enable more Junior High Schools graduates get access to access Senior High School education all in the bid to boost education in the country and for that matter, since the aim of this year’s celebration of the festival  is to mobilize funds to construct a community library, the government would commit ten thousand cedis (10,000) into the library project.
Hon. Eric opoku used the occasion to elaborate some of the achievements of the NDC government in the areas of education, health, agriculture, security and infrastructural development.
Hon. Opoku said, since he assumed office as the Regional Minister he has been able to settle many disputes on lands, Chieftaincy and congratulated Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II for making peace and tranquillity prevail in the Bechem Tradional Area and Tano South District as a whole and called on Nananom to collaborate with institutions charged with the education of the populace on immoral practices by our youth who are our future leaders and said the Brong Ahafo Regional Directorate of education is ready to award scholarships to all brilliant but needy pupils and advised parents to send their children to school.
The function was co-chaired by Nana Pepra Siase, the saamanhene of Asante Mampong, Nana Dr. Sarfo Kantanka of Asante Mampong, Nana Adu Gyamfi, Atipimhene of  Kenyasi II, Nana Kofi Trodo Fofie Agyemang, Bomsowura and Nana Adu Kwaku Ababio, Akwamuhene of Ntotroso.

Monday, November 23, 2015


A mini durbar to celebrate World Toilet Day with the theme ‘’Access to toilet, Health and Nutrition’’ has taken place at Bechem, the Tano South District Capital.
In a welcome address to mark the day, the Tano South District Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Adom Cudjoe elaborated the importance of constructing toilet facilities in our home and said it is an obligatory for each household to have a toilet facility. He said open defecation pollutes the environment and eventually brings about diseases such as cholera and others.
He said the District Assembly would not entertain landlords who fail to include toilet facilities in their building plans and would also arrest and prosecute those who include them but fail to implement when putting up the fiscal structure.
Mr. cudjoe said though the Assembly has been able to put up many public toilets but it is not enough to meet the demands of the populace.
The Tano South District Director of Health Service, Dr. Peter Asare in a speech said, thirty-two (32) cholera cases out of which two (2) death were recorded in the Tano South District and said his outfit has embarked on a vigorous education campaign to educate the public on the causes, effects and symptoms of the disease and said the disease is brought about by human activities.
Dr. Asare said, the government through the Tano South District Assembly has been able to construct many health facilities in the district and urged all stakeholders to pay regular visit to the centres for medical check- up and advised all to register with the National Health Insurance Authority to enable them access medical care free of charge.
In his address, the Tano South District Chief Executive, Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba said, sanitation is relevant to national development and for that matter, the Assembly has been able to construct 25 public toilet district wide to serve over 83,000 people but stressed that it is not enough to meet the demands of the people. He said the Assembly’s building Plan Law section 15 (86) mandates every landlord to provide a toilet facility in his building but it came to light that many houses were without toilet facilities when the Town and Country Planning Department embarked on the street naming and property Addressing System exercise in the District and advised landlords not to turn toilet and bathrooms into sleeping rooms.
Hon. Anaba said, World toilet Day as introduced by the United Nations and ably been implemented by the Ministry of Local Government and rural Development, will go a long way to educate the masses on the need for proper toilet facilities in our homes and also commended the Bechem Water and Sanitation Management Team for their role in ensuring that proper toilet facilities are obtained in the Township.
Hon. Anaba said, a survey on the District League Table placed the Tano South District first due to the diligent role the Assembly played on certain factors which needed to be addressed including health, sanitation, education and said his doors are opened to all and sundry who propose to construct toilet facilities in their houses.
The Chairman for the occasion, Nana Opoku Agyemang, who stood in for the Omanhene of Bechem Traditional Area, Nana Fosu Gyeabour II, said the Bechem Traditional Council will cooperate with the Tano South District Assembly to ensure that all new buildings under construction in the Traditional Area are provided with toilet facilities.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


As part of the activities marking the celebration of the Adekyem festival of the chiefs and people of Bechem Traditional Council, a free Breast and Postrate Cancer screening has been held at Bechem, the Traditional capital.
The free screening exercise which was carried out by the Breast Care International and Soyuz Medical Laboratories was a collaboration between the Tano District Assembly and Bechem Traditional Council.
In a public education drive before the exercise, Dr. Mrs Beatrice  Wiafe Addae of Breast Care International and Peace and Love Hospital said, breast cancer is a global issue and in every sixty seconds, a woman dies out of the disease and called on women to  discard the notion that breast cancer is a spiritual disease and urged the them to visit the health facilities regularly for breast screening.
Dr. Mrs Wiafe Addae said when the disease is detected at an early stage it can be taken care of and cured and advised women not to feel shy to be screened.
A lab technician of the Soyus medical laboratory in a public education on Postrate Cancer said the prevalence rate of the disease has risen from 1 to 3 percent and advised men especially the adults to go to hospital regularly for check- up.