Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The Tano South District Chief Executive Hon Bukari Zakari Anaba has paid a working visit to some communities in the District to interact with the people, identify problems confronting them and also disseminate governments policies and programmes to them.

The visit took the District Chief Executive who was accompanied by some Heads of Departments and Sectional heads of the assembly to communities such as Biokrom, Kwaakrukrom and Old Brosankro.

During his interaction with the people in all the three communities the team visited, the District Chief Executive was confronted wit

h problems such as provision of water, electricity, places of convenience and school buildings which they called for immediate attention to be given to it to help alleviate their problems.

The DCE who in speeches delivered in all the communities visited carried a special message of greetings from the President of the nation and assured the people that their requests have been well noted and would be given the needed attention hence his sectional heads would note down their request and take the needed action on them.

On the provision of electricity to parts of the towns he visited which has extended, the District Chief Executive said he could not promise the people of the extension to other parts of the various towns since electric poles and wires were not readily available but could supply street light bulbs to those who needed them since the assembly had some in stock.

He said their request for toilet facilities was a great concern and said the assembly would do all it takes to provide the necessary inputs to those who have initiated the pit latrine system to complete them whilst efforts would be made to provide them with modern toilet facilities.

On water, the DCE said plans are far advanced to provide the communities facing the water problem with water since the population in those areas have increased and calls for additional bore holes to be sank for them and hinted that New Brosankro would soon be benefiting from a small town water project.

On the provision of school buildings to some of the communities the DCE hinted that the Tano South District Assembly has done a lot in the provision of infrastructure to eradicate schools under trees and hoped they would not be left out when things get well.

In disseminating government policies and programmes the District Chief Executive touched on the National Youth Employment Programme where he hinted on a number of programmes the District has benefited from but lamented that the delay in the payment of allowances was not the making of the government as the President has directed specially for the allowances to be paid regularly.

The District Chief Executive catalogued a number of project undertaken to remove schools under trees in the district and mentioned the supply of free school uniforms and exercise books, the increase in capitation grant and the expansion of the school feeding programme as move to help in the education sector.

The DCE touched on the government policy of investing in the people which he said meant giving jobs to people and said the government has initiated moves through the National Youth Employment programme to create more jobs for the youth of this country.

Other areas the DCE touched was on agriculture where he mentioned the new move by the government to subsidize and supply of fertilizer since the coupon system of fertilizer supply was abused by some officials.

The District Chief Executive assured the communities that his doors are opened to them and they could walk in and present to him their problems and again said that his visits to them would not be a nine day wonder but a regular one of which the communities thanked him for his concern for them.