Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Tano South District Assembly have inaugurated 56 Assembly members into office. The new Assembly members comprised of elected and government appointees.

Speaking at the inauguration, the Tano South District Chief Executive, Honourable Bukari Zakari Anaba congratulated all elected and appointed members for offering their support to help manage and develop Tano South District.

He said he was glad to see the enthusiasm and participation in the just ended elections and also the zeal with which nominees of the president accepted the honour given them. This he disclosed is a clear demonstration of their support for the decentralization and the desire to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of local government system. Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba commended the Tano South Electoral Commission and all who took part in the conduct of the District assembly Elections for a peaceful and successful election in spite of some challenges. He also thanked the past Assembly members for the fruitful collaboration and support he received from them especially the immediate past presiding member.

The District Chief Executive disclosed that, it is his expectation that the new Assembly would improve on the former assembly members collaboration and participation in all programmes. He hinted that Ghana’s democracy is a model in Africa and as such countries like Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya all came to learn from Ghana. Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba charged the people to make decentralization better to promote grassroots participation in the administration from the point of planning, implementation, monitoring and delivery of services to improve the living conditions of the people. He advised the new Assembly members to learn from the past Assembly members within the shortest period and also said orientation workshop would be organized for them to abreast them with the workings of the Assembly.

In an inaugural address read on behalf of the President of Ghana, Hon. Steve Akuffo of the Office of the President said the duration of the newly elected and appointed Assembly members is a four – year term, and they are to serve the people and country at the local government level in a way and manner that will let people appreciate their participation in the decision making process and governance of the nation. He outlined some of the duties of Assembly members as:

· Maintain close contact with their electoral areas.

· Present the views, opinions, and proposals to the District Assembly.

· Draw attention in general debate to national policies which are relevant to the subject under discussion.

Actively participate in the work of sub-committees of the Executive Committee.

Hon. Steve Akuffo hinted that in the discharge of the above functions, Assembly members should have due regard to national interest and the interest of the people in the respective district. This he said presupposes that members should relegate their personal parochial interest to the background. He disclosed that when the Assembly is served by dedicated and committed individual who make a duty to demand accountability of themselves and management of the district, then the credibility of the Assembly will be assured in respect of its decision making and service delivery to the people.

He reteriated that, any member who uses his or her position to gain contracts or undue favours from the Assembly will be committing a serious offence of conflict of interest and would be liable to sanction. Mr. Steve Akuffo advised the Assembly members to come out with new strategies in collaboration with management to generate adequate revenue to complement the efforts of central government. He therefore entreated the Assembly members to put premium on sanitation and waste management activities to rid towns and cities of filth and health problems associated with insanitary conditions. He therefore urged the Assembly members to work in unison as a corporate entity with the common goal of developing the district and

deliver good services to the people. Hon. Steve Akuffo assured the Assembly of Government’s support to the district in their quest to render better services to the people and to develop the country.

The occasion also saw the election of a presiding member for the Assembly. The election which Hon. Anthony Opoku who was the sole nominee after nomination had closed emerging as the winner after a “Yes” and “No” vote conducted by the electoral commission.

The over all vote cast was 57, with 45 Assembly members voting YES and 11 of them voting NO. The remaining one vote was rejected. The new presiding member was sworn into office by the Tano South District magistrate HW Mr. Akouko. Among the dignitaries present at the function were the member of parliament for Tano South District Hon. Andrews Adjei Yeboah, the former Tano South District Chief Executive, Hon. Sekyere Osei Bota and the Omanhene of Bechem Traditional Council, Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II, who called for unity among the Assembly members and a cordial relationship with the District Chief Executive also hinted of plans to institute a District Festival to be called “Adekyem Festival” for the Chiefs and people

of Tano South District.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The Tano South District Chief Executive Hon Bukari Anaba has called the on the people of Tano South District to pay homage to the sons and daughters of Ghana whose vision and determination won independence for Ghana. Making the call he said the struggle and sacrifice of these courageous sons and daughters such as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who led Ghana to gain independence in 1957 have left indelible impression in world history.

Honorable Bukari Zakari Anaba made this call during the District version of Ghana’s 54th Independence Day Celebration held at Bechem, under the theme “Discipline and Hard Working, Essential Pre- Requisite of a Better Ghana”. The District Chief Executive noted that the Government is committed in investing in people, improving educational infrastructure and eradicating schools under trees, providing quality teachers in a highly improved school system and making Ghana a better place for the citizenry. He said the government is determined to turn round the economy and bring back smiles on the faces of Ghanaians.

Hon Bukari Zakari Anaba disclosed that the nation is undeniably confronted with multitude of both social and economic effects and problems which are as a result of laziness and indiscipline. This he said if not swiftly and consistently addressed could mar our collective desires and aspiration to achieve an enlightened society and enhance living standards of the people. He urged the people to pool all human and material resources together and work tirelessly to lift the country from poverty, ignorance, disease, deprivation and lawlessness.

The District Chief Executive assured teachers that the government and the Minister of Education are working hard to resolve all discrepancies that relate to the implementation of the Single Spine Pay Policy. He therefore advised the teachers to be an epitome of hard work, discipline, sincerity and role models to their students and society as a whole. Honorable Bukari Zakari Anaba entreated the people to be committed to work, be punctual and avoid absenteeism.

The ceremony though was colourful did not attract the number

of school children as has

been in the previous years, since some teachers boycotted the event due to their dissatisfaction with

the government’s implementation of the Single Spine Salary Structure to teachers. The

occasion saw school children, voluntary organizations and other identifiable groups taking part in the anniversary

parade. Prizes were awarded to schools which excelled in

the march past whilst each school and organization which

participated in the event received a certificate.