Thursday, January 21, 2016


The Tano South District Secretariat of National Disaster and Management Organization (NADMO) in collaboration with the  Parks and Garden and Forestry Departments  embarked on a rainstorms alert public education and tree planting exercise in the district during the latter part of  last year 2015.
The Acting Tano South District Co-Ordinator of  NADMO, Mr. Martin K. Agyeman said, the main purpose of the exercise was to educate the community members on the causes of rainstorm disaster and measures to combat it. He said, the district recorded thirty –nine ( 39) rainstorm/windstorm outbreaks last year and advised that, people should  refrain  from  activities which could degrade the land and said, most of the rainstorm outbreaks which occurred in the district  affected some schools in the district.

Mr. Martin K. Agyemang, Acting NADMO Co-Ordinator ( middle) addressing the community members
  Mr. Agyemang said, since last year, his outfit  had been able to plant six hundred and ninety-five ( 695) different species of seedlings  in some selected communities district wide  to serve as windbreaks and for other medicinal purposes and also urged the heads of the various schools to plant more trees in their schools to prevent the wind/ rainstorm outbreaks.  
Mr. Agyemang said, wind/ rainstorm outbreaks has effects on both Human, Buildings and Animals and informed the community members not to embark on activities which would  cause erosion to the environment.

Some of the NADMO staff and pupils   in a tree planting excises
The exercise which was embarked on by the Tano South District Secretariat of National Disaster and Management Organization also made the community members to know the exact core functions of the department. In all the seven (7) communities the exercise took place, residents promised to plant more trees to serve as windbreaks and check erosion.