Friday, July 28, 2017


Fire rescue gadgets worth $60,000 have been presented to the Bechem District Command of the Ghana National Fire Service by Mr. Eric Adjei, a Geniva based Ghanaian.

Pictures above show the fire rescue gadgets and dignitaries at the function
A short but impressive presentation ceremony held at the conference hall of the District Fire Station which the Brong Ahafo Assistant Chief Fire Officer Mr. James Owusu, thanked the Tano South District Chief Executive Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi and Mr. Eric Adjei for the role they played in in making it possible for the Bechem Fire Station to receive the rescue gadgets. He said the availability of the rescue gadgets which included fire rescue belts, helmets, safety boots, safety trousers and coats and other fire equipment will go a long to enhance the operation of the officers especially during fire outbreaks and promised that the items will be put into good use to serve its intended purposes.

         The Brong Ahafo Assistant Chief Fire Officer addressing the gathering
The Tano South District Chief Executive Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi in a speech thanked Mr. Eric Adjei on behalf of the President, Regional Minister, MP, Tano South District Assembly and the entire Chiefs and people of the Tano South District for his kind gesture. 
The DCE for Tano South District speaking at the function and handing over the gadgets
He said on assumption of office as the District Chief Executive for the District, he called a District Security Committee meeting to discuss problem facing all the agencies which in one way or the other hindered their operations and it was there that it came out that the District Fire command lacked fire rescue gadgets to perform work effectively and efficiently. 
Hon. Offinam said, since  government is collaborating with the private sector to create jobs for the teeming unemployed youth, it is important for government and other philanthropist to help improve our working environment and it was upon that the Member of Parliament for Tano South Constituency Hon. Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere and myself thought it wise to solicit for support from Mr. Eric Adjei  for the fire station and hinted that it was their efforts that have made Mr. Eric Adjei to be able to come to the  aid of the fire station with the rescue gadgets.
Hon. Offinam said the availability of the gadgets will help to improve and enhance the operation of the Bechem Fire Station and hinted that the government is putting measures in place to ensure that an ambulance is also supplied to the Bechem Government Hospital.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


The first session of the general assembly meeting of the Tano South District Assembly has been held.
The meeting which took place at the Assembly’s Conference Hall saw in attendance the DCE for Tano South District, Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi, the Presiding Member of the Assembly, Hon. John Dadzie, the District Coordinating Director, Mrs Agartha Ahia, The District Finance Officer, Mr Apor Dramani and Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II, The Omanhene of Bechem Traditional Council.

PICTURES above show cross section of Assembly Members and dignitaries at the meeting
In an opening address, the Presiding Member of the Assembly said, he was very glad and humbled to be given the opportunity to address the August House and also expressed his profound gratitude to the Hon. DCE, Hon. Assembly Members, and Hon. Member of Parliament for the Constituency, Nananom, Heads of Departments and all invited guest for honouring his invitation.
Hon. Dadzie expressed his sincere appreciation to all honourable Assembly Members for taking a bold decision to elect him and also declared their support for the government nominee of the Tano South District Assembly as District Chief Executive and used the occasion to entreat all honourably Assembly Members and Stakeholders to forgive and forget certain issues which transpired before, during and after his election as the Presiding Member and the confirmation of the DCE.
The Presiding member of the Assembly addressing the House
Hon. Dadzie said without peace and unity, the District cannot be developed and for that matter urged all Assembly Members to collaborate to ensure that they work hand in hand to seek the benefit of the people in the District. He informed the Assembly Members that the revocation of the appointment of the government appointees and the appointment of new Members though have affected all the Sub- Committees and Executive Committee of the Assembly and the Public Relation and Complaint units but emphasized that Part 12, 45 (1) of the model standing orders mandates the Assembly to constitute new sub committees for the Assembly.
Hon Dadzie asserted that the aim of the meeting is to give opportunity to the DCE to address the August House to outline his vision on things the government want to execute to improve the Living Standard of the people.
In a sessional address, the DCE for Tano South District Hon. Collins Offinaam Takyi said it with a great excitement, humility and privilege to be given the opportunity to address this important August House for the first time he assumed office as the District Chief Executive for the Tano South District and thanked almighty God for making it possible for us to meet together as one person with one common destiny and expressed his warmest heartfelt appreciation to His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo- Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana for nominating him and allowing Honourable Assembly Members to confirm his nomination.
Hon. Offinam thanked the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, MP for Tano South Constituency, Nananom, Presiding Member of the Assembly, Heads of Departments for the crucial role they played to make his confirmation a success. He said the purpose of the meeting is to offer him the opportunity to present his first sessional address to the August House and to let them know the vision he has for the entire District.
Hon. Offinam said he will use the limited resources available efficiently to ensure that the government through the Tano South District Assembly achieve its intended aim and objectives. He used the occasion to outline his goals and said he will operate openly and transparently towards his administration and provide the necessary information to the public as and when necessary, to ensure judicious and efficient use of the Assembly’s limited resources and make the procurement department undertake its core functions to ensure value for money, to adapt strategic ways to improve Assembly’s internally generated funds, to collaborate with private sector and civil society organization to ensure development of the District, to initiate the Assembly’s development projects as and when necessary to develop the District, to engage broader consultations with the relevant Stakeholders to take good decisions to ensure that the District is developed and also to put efforts in place to complete all on-going projects before new ones are initiated.
He emphasized that no country in the world can realize its development to the maximum level without the Stakeholders engagement and made it clear that he will work with all manner of people including Nananom, Civil Society Organizations and the Assembly Members to ensure that the Tano South District is developed.
Hon Offinam said since the Assembly is blessed with dynamic and committed Human Resource, he promised to give them all the necessary support and co-operation so that they can deliver their core mandate efficiently and effectively to improve the livelihood of the people in the District. He said since the District Assembly election will take place in 2018 and the MMDCES will be elected during the same elections and hinted that His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo has charged them to work extra hard so that they can be voted for by their people in the constituency and urged all to support him to work towards the development of the District so that his appointment can be renewed.
The DCE for Tano South District addressing the House
On Security, he said due to the interventions by the Stakeholders especially Nananom and District Security Committee, the District remains relatively calm and thanked the DISEC for the strategies they have adopted to combat criminal activities in the District.
On Finance, Hon. Offinam said the Assembly acquires its financial resources through the internally generated funds, District Development funds and other donation and urged all Honourably Assembly Members to be collaborative to ensure they adopt strategic ways to improve revenue mobilization to enable the Assembly to be able to carry out more development projects in the Districts. He said as at June 2017, the outstanding financial liability of the Assembly stood at one million, one hundred and eighty six thousand, three hundred and thirty Ghana Cedis and one pesewa (1,186,330.01).
Hon Offinam said, the LEAP was launched in 2008 under the administration of Former Ex. President Agyekum Kuffour with the aim to cater for the needy people in Ghana and hinted that twelve communities with the total population of 267 households has benefited from the programme and emphasized that most of the beneficiaries of LEAP do not deserve to enjoy the package but will scrutinise it to allow those who are supposed to enjoy it to benefit from it.
On the One District One Factory Concept, Hon. Offinam said government is committed to establish one factory for each District to make the unemployed teeming youth acquire jobs and said the Free SHS Policy will start by September, 2017 and hinted that government is to ensure that those who get aggregate between 6-24 will benefit from the programme and that those who will not be able to acquire aggregate 6-24 will also be given scholarship by the Assembly. He said the government through the Assembly will give all the necessary support to the teachers to ensure they prepare well to impact their knowledge to the Students.

He also touched on Agriculture, planting for food and jobs concept, Fall Army Worm Invasion, water and sanitation, disasters, National Health Insurance Scheme, functions of the physical planning, modalities to access the Zongo Development funds and one million dollar per district, Health, and roads.
Nana Fosu Gyabour Akoto II, the Omanhene of Bechem Traditional Council in his closing remark urged all and sundry to support the DCE to implement government policies and programmes to ensure the development of the district and to get jobs for the teeming youth.
Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II, speaking to the House.

Monday, July 17, 2017


The 57th edition of the Senior Citizen’s Day celebration has been held at the DCE’s residency at Bechem. The day which  saw past MPs and DCEs of the two major political parties, retired civil servants, opinion leaders, elderly persons and some sectional heads of the Assembly including the DCE for Tano South District, Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi.

 PICTURE above shows a cross section of invited guest and dignitaries at the function.

In a short opening address, the former presiding members of the Assembly, Hon. Anthony Opoku thanked God for given us the strength and energy to celebrate the 57th Republic Day and humbly informed the older generation to advise the youth to play their expected roles and responsibilities to ensure that peace prevails in the district and also urged all to support the new DCE to ensure the development of the district.

The former presiding member of the Assembly addressing the gathering

A former DCE for the district during the Ex – President John Agyekum Kuffour’s  administration, Hon. Sekyere Bota thanked the DCE for the Tano South District and the Management of the Assembly for the initiative taking to invite  prominent political leaders in the district to the occasion and hinted that since Ghana is declared as an industrialized country, there is the need for all to rally behind the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo – Addo to implement the one district, one factory policy to  improve the livelihood  of many Ghanaians. He used the occasion to inform all present to collaborate and unite to ensure that the district develops and also reduce rural- urban migration.                       
A former DCE for T ano South District and currently the Brong Ahafo Regional Chairman of the NDC Hon, Opoku Atuahene thanked the DCE  and all present for allowing him to address the gathering. He said that there is the need for the older generation to play their role to ensure that the younger generation becomes law- abiding citizens. He said the democratic nature of Ghana makes Ghanaians go for polls every four (4) years and said since government is a continuous process, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo- Addo will continue projects started by the previous governments to ensure the country is developed and urged all and sundry to support government to deliver its mandates.

Former DCEs and MP speaking at the function

Speaking to the gathering, a former MP for the constituency during Ex- President John Agyekum Kuffour’s administration, Hon Adjei Yeboah said since Ghana is celebrating the 57th Republic Day, it is imperative for the older generation to teach the younger generation the right thing and also to remember our forefathers who toiled to achieve Ghana’s independence. He informed the senior citizens and other civil society to play their role to support government to implement its policies and programmes and informed them to preach peace in the district and the country as a whole.                    
On behalf of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo – Addo, and the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister, the DCE for Tano South District, Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi thanked all gathered for honouring the invitation. He said some years ago Ghana was under a Colonial Rule but due the efforts of some eminent Ghanaians our independence was attained and which later led to the country attaining a Republican Status and urged all to respect each other to ensure peace continue to prevail in the country.
He said since Ghana has limited resources to finance its projects, there is the need for government to secure financial assistance from the International partners to undertake   projects and complete those initiated by previous governments and commended the former DCEs, MPs, Nananom, and DISEC for the efforts put in place to ensure peace still exist in the district.
The Tano South DCE addressing the gathering
Hon. Offinam said, since the development of the district is a shared responsibility, government through the Assembly will do extensive consultation to take decisions concerning the development of the district and appealed to Nananom to also do all it takes to address land disputes pertaining in some part of the district. He said chain saw operational activities deplete our forest and informed all present to educate the younger generation to eschew from deforestation and said that, the government is putting measures in place to ensure the youth acquire jobs.
Hon. Offinam said the outbreak of fire sometimes endangers the life of people and others’ properties and informed all to put an end to the activities which led to fire outbreaks during the dry season and hinted that government through the Assembly is working assiduously to ensure that, all on – going projects are completed before new projects are initiated by the Assembly.
He said the Assembly’s internally generated funds are not being paid as expected by the tax payers and informed all gathered  and various bodies to educate all tax payers to honour their tax obligations so that, the Assembly can get enough money to undertake its core functions to ensure the district is developed.
Nana Awuah- Boadi , the Bechem Nifahene who chaired the occasion advised the parents to send their children to school for them to learn and become  our future leaders and also be law- abiding citizens and said that this occasion also gives an opportunity to the older generation to add their voice to the decision making processes of the Assembly.
Nana Awuah- Boadi who chaired the occasion

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Items worth GH¢ 10,000 and amount of GH¢ 2,000 have been given to the Bechem School for the deaf and blind by the Royal ladies Association of Ghana, Kumasi branch.

A line up of Royal Ladies and the items donated
The President of the Association, Nana Adwobi said the Association which was established to cater for brilliant but needy students received a request  from Nana Nkwantabisa  to come to the aid of the Bechem School for the deaf and blind and it is upon this request that  the Royal  Ladies Association has come to Bechem to donate assorted  items such as cooking oil, toilet rolls, bags of maize and rice, soaps, pomade etc to the School to ensure that the management of the school is able to feed the students as expected so that the students can stay and learn.
The president of the Association, Nana Adwobi speaking at the function
She said, even though the school is benefiting from the government’s school feeding programme and that ,the effort of the government alone cannot solve the problems confronting the school and said  the support of the Association will go a long way to help the students.
The headmistress of the School, Madam Alice Oppong Adobea on behalf of the management, staff and students thanked the Association for their kind gesture and said the Bechem School for the deaf and blind which was established in 1969 started with thirty (30) students but currently, the School has more than (450) students’ population covering the KG department to the technical division and called for the blessings of the Lord for the Association.
The headmistress of the school speaking at the function
The Presiding Member for Tano South District Assembly, Hon. John Dadzie who delivered a speech on behalf of the Tano South District Chief Executive said, it is a great honour for him to be part on the occasion as the relief items to be presented to the School by the Royal Ladies Association and said, since education plays a key role in the development of human, there is the need the government to support the school the with necessary logistics. He called on the philanthropist and benevolent organization to support the educational sector so that the teachers will acquire the necessary teaching and learning materials to teach the students.
He used the occasion to appeal to other spirited organizations and individuals both home and abroad to emulate the example of Royal Ladies Association and come to the aid of the school and urged the Association not to let their benevolence be nine day wonder but continue to support the Bechem School for the deaf and blind by providing the school with workshop tools and equipment, means of transport and the rehabilitation of the school’s roads.
The presiding of the Assembly addressing the gathering
He thanked Nana Opoku Nkwantabisa, the Ex – Krontihene of Bechem through whose efforts and linkage has facilitated the donation of the items by the Royal Ladies and called for God’s blessings for him and assured that the Assembly and management of the school will ensure that the items donated are put to good use.
Mr. Richard Oppong who represented the Tano South District Director of Education informed the teachers to do all it takes to teach the students as and when necessary. He said if the students are properly taught by teachers the students will be able to pass all exams and further their education.
In a short closing remark, Nana Awuah Boadi , the chairman of the programme thanked the Association and urged them to consider constructing a one unit building for the school so that the legacy of the Association will be remembered.
Nana Awuah -Boadi, the chairman of the occasion