Friday, August 12, 2016


A massive clean-up exercise has been held at Bechem the Tano South District Capital as part of activities to mark the National Sanitation Day which has been set aside by government to be marked on the first Saturday of  every month in all parts of the country .
 The clean-up exercise which was led by the Tano South District Chief Executive , Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba saw people from all walks of life including Nananom, Departmental Heads and a Peace Walk Ambassador who had arrived in Bechem  participating in the exercise by desilting choked gutters, weeding and sweeping of the environment and many more sanitary related  activities.
In related speeches after the massive and well organized clean-up exercise , the Tano South District Disease Control Officer, Mr. Felix Baido, said, the National Sanitation Day Exercise has come to complement our day –to –day sanitary activities carried out in our homes and environment and this he said has gone a long way to minimize the contraction of diseases such as malaria and cholera. He said  malaria  which is caused by the female anopheles mosquitoes is preventable and urged nursing and pregnant women to use treated mosquitoes’ net so as to prevent them from contracting the diseases.
Mr Baidoo said, cholera is also caused by unsanitary conditions and could be prevented by keeping our environment clean and that the regular participation in the National Sanitation Exercise by all stakeholders will go a long way to help prevent people from getting cholera.
The Peace Walk Ambassador who was  at Bechem to participate in the programme  and to preach peace said, he has walked all the way from Sunyani to Bechem to join the people in the clean-up exercise and to have a word on peace with them .He said Ghana belongs to Ghanaians  and no political party is bigger than the Country and its people so we should not allow politics to divide us but to ensure  that peace  prevails in the country before, during and after the 2016 general elections. He said,  through our collective efforts many could be done to ensure that  the  country is always at peace.
The DCE for Tano South District, Hon. Bukari Zakari Anaba in a short speech said the celebration of the National Sanitation Day has  helped to improve the sanitary conditions in the district and has also reduced  the contraction of diseases and urged the people to always come out in their numbers to participate in the sanitation day exercise any time the day is due and assured the people that the Tano South District Assembly will continue to provide logistics which will be used  for the programme any time the day is due.
Nana Fosu Darkwah, the Bechem Sompahene who stood in for the Omanhene of Bechem Traditional Area, Nana Fosu Gyeabour Akoto II, on behalf of the Omanhene thanked all who participated in  the programme and said the programme  has also helped to beautify Bechem  and entreated  all and sundry to come in their numbers to participate in  the exercise any time the day falls.