Friday, July 13, 2012


An MTN/UNDP collaboration ICT Learning Centre cited at Techinantia in the Tano South district of the 
Brong Ahafo Region has been inaugurated. The learning Centre which is equipped with computers and internet facilities will help train the youth of the area in ICT and will be managed by a local Coordinating Committee, a  Center Manager and a trainer of trainers who will be teaching ICT in the various schools in the area   

Inaugurating the centre, Mrs. Cynthia Lumor, MTN’s Corporate Services Manager in a speech said as Market leaders, MTN always sets the pace for others to follow and so realising the ICT education deficit in the country, the company took up the challenge to compliment government’s efforts in this area.  This initiative she said is in support of efforts to bridge the digital divide between the served and underserved communities and also to support the implementation of the mandatory ICT component of the new education reform.
She said the MTN group is delighted to see the completion of the ICT project and was confident that it is going to have a meaningful impact on the lives of the people of the community and mentioned that apart from the ten (10) centres in the 10 regions of Ghana MTN Ghana Foundation has also set up few more ICT Centres in other communities.

Mrs. Lumor said MTN acknowledges the people of Brong Ahafo as key business partners and to show its appreciation to the region for their contribution to the success of their business, they have planned a sustainable initiative aimed at giving back to the people of Brong Ahafo in the areas of Health, Education, Entertainment, Sports and Entrepreneurial skills development.
She said since its establishment in 2007, the MTN Foundation has invested about GH₵7 million into health and education development across  the country and in the Brong Ahafo Region critical intervention have been made beyond the establishment of this ICT centre as the Foundation has committed a total of  GH₵694,350.80 so far into the execution of some projects in the Region and mentioned that a significant financial commitment to the tune of 100,000.00 US Dollars has been put in the Techimantia project and hoped that the facility will be highly patronise to its optimum benefits and urged all the inhabitants to be part of the maintenance of the project in order to ensure that it is  sustained for future generations and affirmed MTN’s commitment to quality education in the Brong Ahafo Region

The Tano South District Chief Executive Hon Bukari Zakari Anaba in a short speech paid glowing tribute to MTN and UNDP for its efforts to contribute to the development and learning of ICT in the District. He said the location of the centre will go a long way to serve the purpose for which it was established and bring the learning of ICT to the doorstep of the people of Techimantia and its environs, he therefore urged the people of the area especially the youth to take full advantage of the centre and enrol at the centre and gain more knowledge in ICT.
The District Chief Executive said the Tano South District Assembly will do all that it takes to help maintain the centre and called on the Chiefs and people of Techimantia to give the centre’s Coordinatiing Committee the maximum support in the running of the centre. On the impending Presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for December, 2012 he reminded the people of the District of the peaceful atmospheric conditions they have enjoyed over the years and called on them not to allow election violence to come and mar the beauty of the peaceful co-existence they have enjoyed always. He said belonging to different political parties does not mean we are enemies so we should engage in violence during our campaigns and also adviced that we should move away from the politics of insults during our campaign but tell the people of what we can do for them when voted into power.

Hon Bukari Zakari Anaba elaborated some of the achievements of President Mills’s administration and called on the people to vote President Mills into power for the second term during the December Presidential and Parliamentarian elections.


The Tano Suoth District Chief Executive, Honourable Bukari  Zakari Anaba has called on all senior citizens in the Tano  South District to instil in the youth the spirit of patriotism and sense of belonginess.  This he said would help enhance development in the district and the country as a whole.  Honourable Bukari Anaba made this call at a reception held for senior citizens at his residency to mark Ghana’s 52nd Republic Day Celebration.  He congratulated them for their selfless and enormous sacrifices.

 The District Chief Executive implored the Senior citizens to advice the youth at home to be mindful of the fact that they are to learn from the older generation who have made the nation proud.  He also advised the youth to be mindful of this year’s general election and also avoid political conflict.

 The programme was chaired by Nana Odiasempa Kwame Beniako II, Adontenhene of the Bechem Traditional Area who in his remarks called for  greater understanding amongst the young and old so that the older generation could impart their rich experience to the youth who would be our future leaders.Nana called on the Senior citizen to implore the youth to be very circumspect in their dealings before, during and after the December 2012 general election in order to violence so that this peaceful country of ours is not plunge into chaos. Nana thanked the government and the assembly for their concern on the lives of the older generation.

The senior citizens were entertained to old school music and merry making.