Tuesday, February 14, 2017


A seventeen (17) member government appointees of the Tano South District Assembly have been sworn into office to replace the same number of Assembly members appointed by the previous government.
Addressing the assembly meeting, the Tano South District Coordinator, Mrs. Agartha Ahia thanked the assembly members and heads of departments for honouring the invitation at a short notice. She said there was the need for the District to present two candidates to form part of the regional electoral college to vote and choose the regions member to the council of state and since the assembly could not form a quorum due to the revocation of the seventeen appointed by the previous government there was the need to replace them hence the meeting and to swear in the seventeen (17) government appointees of the current administration so that the assembly’s membership would be full.

Mrs. Agartha Ahia addressing the assembly members
Mrs. Ahia called on all members to co-operate and make the election of the District’s representatives a success since it would go a long way to project the cordiality amongst the assembly members.
The swearing in ceremony saw the District magistrate, Her Worship Memunatu Hajia Jebuni taking in the seventeen members through the swearing in process by taking the oath of office and secrecy after which the house went into voting to choose two members, Hon. Enoch Afriyie and Hon. Joseph Mensah Djan to represent the District at the regional level.

Her Worship Memunatu Hajia Jebuni ( in Black attire )taking the seventeen members through the swearing in process

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Seven graduates of the Rural Technology Facility at Bechem, the Tano South District capital have been handed start- up kits made up of welding and carpentry tools to begin life with and start up their own business.

Picture above shows a line-up of the items and a beneficiary receiving his items
In a presentation ceremony, held at the premises of the Tano South District Assemby, Mr. Diarous  Nii Ashiadu said, as the RTF is giving out the start- up kits to the graduates, it would be proper for the executives of Bechem Light Industrial Site (magazine) to be part of the ceremony as the RTF manages the Industrial Site and the beneficiaries are now going to be part of them.

Mr. Diarous Nii Ashiadu addressing the gathering
Mr. Ashiadu said the presentation of the machines to the beneficiaries will go a long way to solve some of the unemployment issues as the beneficiaries would also secure the services of one or two people in the course of their work and urge the beneficiaries to put the machines and tools into good use.
The Tano South District Engineer, Mr. Fredrick Sackey in a speech said health and safety is paramount in the performance of their businesses especially, as they are going to use  machines and tools and advised them take precautionary measures when working by using protective gadgets.

Mr. Sackey speaking at the function
The Convener of the RTF, Hon. Comfort Pwagia told the beneficiaries in a speech that, as they have been handed the items and were going out to work, they should ensure that, they save enough money to expand their business to be able to employ more hands.
The Chairman of the artisan group of the Bechem Light Industrial Site (magazine) Mr. Robert Ankomah in a short speech urged the beneficiaries not to divert the items they have received to others but use them on their own to earn a living and be able also to help others to learn the business.
Mr. Ankomah speaking at the function
Speaking to the beneficiaries, the Tano South District Co-ordinating Director, Mrs Agartha Ahia exhorted the beneficiaries to be of good behaviour as they go out to work since they would be engaging with a lot of people in the course of their work and use the occasion to advise the female granduands among the seven to be more committed to their work and not to rely on the usual boy and girl relationship which mostly lead to an unplanned pregnancies which causes them to stop work.


Mrs Agartha Ahia addressing the gathering
Mrs. Ahia urged the beneficiaries to go out and be good mannered people and work well.


The much awaited swearing in ceremony to swear into office the seventeen (17) government appointees of the Tano South District Assembly and to nominate two (2) Assembly members to represent the Assembly to form the Regional Electoral College to elect a representative to the council of state for the Brong Ahafo Region has been postponed.
The ceremony which was to be under the District Coordinating Director could not come off when a section of supporters of the New Patriotic Party drumming and singing war songs invaded the premises of the Assembly to disrupt the activity and went to the extent that, they  invoked curses on whoever tried to swear in the seventeen appointees with the reason that the method on which the appointees elected was dubious.
The aggrieved supporters lamented that, the executives of the party did not take into consideration how some members of the Party have toiled for it to win the parliamentary and presidential seats and that those elected have not contributed enough to the party to warrant them becoming Assembly members on government appointees’ ticket and further accused the executives of not consulting other stakeholders of the party like the council of elders in the constituency before their decision.
The District Security Committee had to intervene on the matter to bring sanity to prevail and later postponed the swearing in ceremony until further notice.